Reach Community Church was started with a heart to be obedient to the call of God. Founding Pastor Heath Caddell was on staff at Grace Church Southern Pines (NC) as their youth pastor when he started to feel the calling to plant. Not sure what it would look like to be a church planter, Heath spent two years praying for the when, where and how.

Long story short, God made it clear that the where was a small community outside of Wilmington, NC called Leland. Eleven families joined the team and have moved from a place of comfort and the familiar to join God on the adventure that He has called them to. The when turned out to be September 23, 2012 at Leland Middle School. RCC continues to seek God daily for the how. Reach Community Church is a group of followers of Jesus that are committed to showing the love of Christ outside the walls of a building to His people. We are not perfect but we are dedicated to following this man named Jesus. Building community takes time and RCC is here for the long haul. We all have a purpose and a longing to be connected. Our goal and purpose is to help people experience life change through relationships with God and each other.

The mission of Reach Community Church is to see lives changed by Christ together – through loving God, loving people and reaching our world. Jesus said it perfectly in John 10:10, “I have come to give life, and life abundantly!” At RCC, we are passionate about helping every person we encounter experience the life that Christ described as abundant. We believe that real sustainable life change comes from connecting with others on the journey together: together in our Sunday morning service, together in community groups , together with other local churches and together in life. We would love to have you join us.

Our mission will be accomplished through living in the cycle of Reach UP, Reach IN, Reach OUT. This is something that has to be done personally and corporately.

Reach UP: Every good thing begins with us realizing that we need something outside of ourselves to experience life to the fullest. With UP we go to experience life change from the Father. It begins here but does not end here. We will never be satisfied with just one touch. We want and need an ongoing real relationship with God. Positive life change begins with the UP: the initial and ongoing relationship with God the Father through God the Son (Jesus).

Reach IN: We cannot just have an experience with the Father on the external. We must take that experience and allow it to begin to change us from the inside out. This happens through spending time with God and allowing His Word to take root and grow. It involves quieting yourself enough to hear from the Holy Spirit as he prompts you. It will never be enough to be around the things of God; we must let them invade us. We can’t raise your children, fix your marriage or make your decisions. What we can do is partner with you and equip you to seek God and His will for your life. We’ll teach you how to raise your children, love your spouse, and impact your community. We’ll collaborate with you as you grow in your IN relationship.

Reach OUT: Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” so we must. We can sometimes get so focused on what God is doing in us that we forget that God wants to move through us. We reach OUT by loving those around us – at church, at home & in the community. At RCC, we love each other. We’re friends with each other. We eat together. We’re with each other when children are born. We’re there when someone dies. We share with each other. We do life together. Jesus does some of His best work through relationships. We believe that believers should be belongers. You can’t just hang back in the body of Christ, so our communities are places where people know and are known. At RCC, we want to be known by what we’re for rather than what we’re against. We are for Jesus. We are for people. We are for our community. In other words, we are not here to condemn our culture or merely survive it. We are here to transform it for the glory of God.


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