Lead Pastor:

The Caddells

The Caddells: Heath Caddell is the lead pastor at Reach Community Church. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Elementary Education. After a stint in sales and managing a rental center he became the youth pastor at Grace Church in Southern Pines. After  ten years with youth, God began to stir Heath’s heart for planting a church. In 2011, after much prayer about the where and how, this stirring  became a reality and Reach Community Church was birthed.

He and his wife Jodi married in 1998 and have 3 children: Lydia, Noah, and Allie.

Heath’s favorite superhero: “Spiderman. Because he wasn’t born a superhero. One bite from a spider and I’ve still got a chance. Also was a comic nerd. Still have my collection.”

Jodi’s favorite superhero: “The wonder twins! I mean who wouldn’t want to join fists and say ‘Wonder twin powers activate! In the shape of water?”



Children’s Ministry Directors:

The Webbs

The Webbs: The Webb family is one of the founding 11 families that moved to this area to plant Reach Community Church. Deron and Aricka have been married for 12 years and are the grateful parents of four beautiful children. The Webbs have a passion for radical life change through authentic relationships with others. They have a heart to see individuals and families experience the abundant life that is possible through knowing Christ. Deron and Aricka currently lead the reachkids ministry and a community group. They are thankful for a life changing, all sustaining, joy giving personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to contact the Webbs with any questions, concerns or how to get connected at RCC.

Webb’s Favorite Superhero: “Spiderman. He throws webs. Get it? Webbs?”



Pastor of Outreach:


The Barths: Daniel is the pastor of outreach at Reach Community Church. He received his Bible degree from Columbia International University with an emphasis on Bible teaching. It was at Columbia International University that he met his wife Samantha, who graduated both with a Bible and a Psychology degree. Daniel got ordained after graduation and for 3 years served as the youth pastor at Capital City Church in Columbia, SC. Daniel and Samantha both became passionate about church planting during this season and were open to whatever and wherever the Lord would send them. That call came a couple of years later after hearing about a future church plant called Reach Community Church!  Daniel has served alongside his wife at Reach since then, excited to see what God has in store for us as we seek His Kingdom first! He and his wife Samantha married in 2009 and have 3 children: James, Silas and Hudson.

 Daniel’s Favorite Superhero: “Captain America. He’s a man of principle, he believes what he believes and refuses to buckle, EVER. While it drives his adversaries (and friends) crazy at times, everyone knows where he stands, and he never backs down.
 Samantha’s Favorite Superhero: “My favorite has always been Jayna from the wonder twins, but I see that Jodi already took that. I’m not going to let that change my answer though haha! I guess we’re just that cool!”